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The final mix of QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT and more…


The final mix of QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT is now scheduled for AUGUST 27TH through until SEPTEMBER 17TH in North West London – if you want to come on a studio visit for this momentous last part of the recording then please do! via my web store thewendyjames.com/store and just let me know which date you think suits you and it can be arranged! 

The mix now being set I have begun the organize the design for the cover art! I have to put together a gatefold Vinyl, a gatefold CD, a regular CD, a download plus the liner notes, the inner sleeves, the booklet and of course the contributors certificate! I have a very good idea for the art and I’m talking to layout graphic designers at the moment to see who might do the job! To this end, I  did four days of shooting new photographs for the album cover and for new press shots and there are some truly amazing photographs, I cannot wait to share them with you. I added into my web store the offer to own one of the proofs the production company will send me to sign off on the finished layout for cover art: there are only ever going to be a few proofs so it’s a collectors item and I will happily sign it over to you!

Ditto – I’ve added some new I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS on Vinyl and CD into the store, so for those of you who didn’t ever have a copy of that, then now you can!!

I’m about to announce an additional gig I’ve booked for OCT 2 up in Blackburn UK, sandwiched in-between the Psychedelic Furs tour I’m opening for and if you want VIP for that then as always: go to thewendyjames.com/store

It’s really exciting and as each stage completes then it brings enormous satisfaction with the results and of course gratitude to everyone that partakes and helps me! Whether it’s simply the supportive messages on FB and INSTA and Twitter which you know I enjoy and answer to, through to every single purchase which literally helps pay for the album to be finished, right through to the artists, photographers and musicians who are co-working with me on this! 

Here are four short little insta story video clips!




And FYI – I’ve overhauled the web store so now there is a credit card option, an apple pay option and still PayPal  plus we’ve input a postage algorithm which measures the weight and distance of your package and charges accordingly! 


Ok, I literally have to write out the chord charts now for THE WENDY JAMES BAND set list for all the musicians!

To hear 3 reference mixes from QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT use the iplayer on the website:
or soundcloud: 

Much Love

Wendy xoxo

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