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New Gig Added! VIP Gig Passes! Mix Studio VIP! Certificate of Contributors! Songs added to Soundcloud and more!!

Photography: David Leigh Dodd


As you know THE WENDY JAMES BAND is going out on the road opening for Psychedelic Furs.

Tickets here: http://po.st/WendyJamesFurs19

VIP gig pass here.

Tickets here: https://www.kinggeorgeshall.com/whats-on/wendy-james/


Before these gigs even happen I am mixing Queen High Straight! I will be mixing in North West London from August 28th until September 17th. If you want to come and hear and see the final stage of the LP in process and meet me then get the VIP STUDIO VISIT here and specify which date suits you! The album already sounds wonderful in rough mix form so this final stage is going to send it rocketing to the sonic mountain top! 

*To this end: 

Mix Notes and Lyric Sheets from the sessions are something that I’m signing over and personalizing to whomever wants this little bit of history.

*To this end: 

I have uploaded TRK 2 ‘PERILOUS BEAUTY’ (ref mix) and TRK 17 ‘I’LL BE HERE WHEN THE MORNING COMES’ (ref mix) to the iplayer here: https://thewendyjames.com/queen-high-straight/ and on soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/the-wendy-james


You know I was shooting the main photographs for the album art the other week and now it’s all being laid out by a graphic designer. The artwork and the album will go off to be manufactured while I’m out on the road! I will have the record mastered shortly after the mix is finished and then everything goes off (parts, as they are called) the parts all go off to different manufacturing plants. So! If you want your name on the ‘Certificate Of Contributors’ (sized for the Vinyl or the Deluxe CD) then I would have to say end of September is the deadline for that particular choice. 

I’ll do a ‘reveal’ of some of the artwork soon and of course the proofs will go on sale at the store as well here.

A handful of large proofs sent to me from the manufacturer to approve going into mass production. Much like a test pressing for vinyl! (Which are also available at the store!) here.

My main tasks for August are to make all my final mix notes, learn my set list for the gigs! and oversee the artwork… if all that happens, (and it must!) then we are full speed ahead for a complete album and delivery set for 3rd Week Feb 2020 (I hope!!!) Preorder QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT here: https://thewendyjames.com/store

And btw – My agent is booking February 2020 for a QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT UK/EU tour so… that will all be coming along soon. As soon as I know, you will know!

Much Love,

Enjoy the now 5 ref mixes I’ve posted from QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT!

Wendy xoxo