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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re all great!

– I have vinyl reissue news!

I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS is in production for vinyl reissue! Not only that… it’s had an upgrade! 

It is now as a special edition color splatter 12” vinyl and the artwork: jacket, inner-sleeve and labels have been reimagined and updated! This is a one-off run of vinyls! I love this splatter vinyl color choice and the artwork looks wonderful! I’m very pleased! I love it! 

– I love this album so much, it contains so many of my favorite songs, ranging from my love of New York New Wave Rock n Roll through to more Country Ballad and Phil Spector ‘Wall Of Sound’ production, and it also brings me so many great memories! I wrote the album in my apartment in Greenwich Village, NYC, I recorded it with French indie musicians in the left bank of Paris in the tiny and brilliant basement recording studio of the atelier clothing label APC! Such good times! Getting the metro to Rue de Rennes from Trinité – d’Estienne d’Orves on line 12, each morning, grabbing a coffee and pastry and heading in for whole days of magic with the French Musicians: Jeremy Orsel – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Hadrien Grange – Drums.

However! One of the songs, ‘Speedball’ didn’t get done in Paris! It was done in Sydney, Australia in the Surry Hills Area… I was over there DJ’ing and I met a Sydney Indie Band and we decided to go in the studio where one of them worked! It happened to be the studio belonging to Scott Horscroft, a known and successful Australian record producer… we all mic’d and amped up and the whole song was recorded live, including my vocals… Sydney Musicians: Brock Fitzgerald – Guitar, Wade Keighran – Bass, Sam Pearton – Drums, 

The whole atmosphere was so enjoyable and yielded such great results that I decided to have Scott co-mix the album with me and wow, it came out great. I actually re-recorded and played everything on ‘These Beggar Memories’ in the control booth of Scotts studio and it is naturally so personal and up-close in it’s sound. 

When the whole mix was complete I awoke the next morning and stared out of my warehouse window, across the rooftops of Surry Hills, I put on Nina Simone’s ‘Mr Bojangles’ and was filled with one of those magic moments, where life feels perfect. I love a good rooftop view across a city and it felt so joyous to have made a record I knew was great and which I’d love for ever!

The photographs were taken early, early in the morning by my friend James Traill, outside, on the curb, waking up, going into a photo session by a different photographer. I was barely awake, in my socks! Smoking (I’ve since given up!!) and drinking coffee. The artwork layout was done by the people who’s warehouse loft I was staying in, called China Heights. 

Finally the record was mastered for vinyl, expertly by Fred Kevorkian back in NYC, he has mastered all my music for me ever since!

Thank you to all involved!



1. The Moon Dead in the River (4.57)
2. Where Have You Been, So Long? (4.27)
3. Don’t Shoot – I Ain’t Dillinger (4.41)
4. Municipal Blues (3.26)
5. New Wave Flowered Up Main Street Acid Baby (2.44)
6. Speedball (3.59)

Side One – Total running time: 23 minutes


7. No Dice (3.22)
8. You Tell Me (3.46)
9. King Hoodlum (3.26)
10. One Evening, in a Small Café (3.45)
11. These Beggar Memories (4.21)
12. You’re a Fucking Mess, But You Sure Is Pretty (2.19)
13. I Came Here to Blow Minds (3.21)

Side Two – Total running time: 23 minutes

Total Running Time: 46 Minutes

All songs written and produced by Wendy James

I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS vinyl reissue is currently a preorder here: 


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Much, much LOVE!


Wendy xo