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I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS Special Edition Reissue Splatter Pattern Colour 12″ Vinyl *RARE, LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE


Special Edition Reissue Splatter Pattern Colour 12″ Vinyl *Rare, limited number available


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This vinyl for ‘I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS’ splatter pattern reissue arrived in the UK, ready for distribution and the colour choice Wendy ordered was not the same as the vinyl which was delivered.

It turns out Wendy loves this ‘mistake’ and has approved it, therefore it has immediately become a collector rarity! We’ve held back 45 copies and the rest are being swapped out at the pressing plant for the original colour choice and will deliver in 4 weeks time. 

So, the 20 additional, very rare copies are now up for grabs……

This is Wendy’s ‘break-out’ LP and features 13 original compositions.The songs are typically ranging from Wendy’s love of New York New Wave Rock n Roll through to more Country Ballad and Phil Spector ‘Wall Of Sound’ production. Reissued now as a Special Edition Color Splatter 12” vinyl. Not only that… the artwork: jacket, inner-sleeve and labels have been re-envisioned and updated, clearly this is a one-off run of vinyls!



1. The Moon Dead in the River (4.57)
2. Where Have You Been, So Long? (4.27)
3. Don’t Shoot – I Ain’t Dillinger (4.41)
4. Municipal Blues (3.26)
5. New Wave Flowered Up Main Street Acid Baby (2.44)
6. Speedball (3.59)

Side One – Total running time: 23 minutes


7. No Dice (3.22)
8. You Tell Me (3.46)
9. King Hoodlum (3.26)
10. One Evening, in a Small Café (3.45)
11. These Beggar Memories (4.21)
12. You’re a Fucking Mess, But You Sure Is Pretty (2.19)
13. I Came Here to Blow Minds (3.21)

Side Two – Total running time: 23 minutes

Total Running Time: 46 Minutes

Wendy James – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys
Jeremy Orsel – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
Hadrien Grange – Drums

Brock Fitzgerald – Guitar
Wade Keighran – Bass, Percussion
Sam Pearton – Drums

All songs written and produced by Wendy James
All songs mixed by Wendy James & Scott Horscroft
Photography by James Traill
Art Direction by Wendy James & China Heights

*Mastered for Vinyl

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