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Gosh! November! Thanksgiving for Americans….

I posted these pictures on my instagram page of the giant Snoopy balloon floating around 5th Avenue and Central Park, the aerial shot and a brilliant photograph of Snoopy’s head passing by the window of two girls’ apartment block! Captured magically by Elliott Erwitt during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. New York City, 1988.

So, thank you indeed! Just think! Transvision Vamp were already releasing records and having hits when this photo was taken!


I was in London a couple of weeks ago, doing the previous session, integrating all the piano parts I’d recorded in NYC, into the master recordings, and making qualified reference mixes, mixes I can sit at home with and hear everything going on and make detailed criticisms, knowing what needs to happen next. I can say definitively that the last recording session for ALBUM 10 in London will be January 15th-27th so for those of you curious to see and hear what happens in the studio, this is your final chance to attend a recoding session.

Here is how THE SHAPE OF HISTORY opens! Played beautifully by Dave ’The Moose’ Sherman in Brooklyn, NY the other week… it’s the opener for track 1 ’Sweet Like Love’

– Ain’t it pretty!

I think I will make the mix sessions available for VIP but I’m not yet certain who is going to be the mix engineer or where it’s going to happen, so I’d say get your VIP now! Anyone who’s attended will tell you what a pleasure it is for both them and me, (and Al, the engineer) to share the hours together, I chat and get to know you as much as work permits and at the same time, you get to hear and see my new album being made! I recommend the experience!

I’ll be singing backing vocals and Jim and Alex will be in for final guitar, final keyboards and all percussion. Plus more reference mixes.


There’s a vague timeline in my mind for 2024: Finish recording in January. Find a mix engineer and mix the album in March/April-ish, Master in May, get in the manufacturing queue for Vinyl, make the artwork, whilst waiting for vinyl to press, and basically release the
album early summer, with touring to promote for the back end of 2024……

All of this is subject to change of course, one cannot predict other people’s diaries!

Either way, Album 10 ‘THE SHAPE OF HISTORY’ is rounding the last couple of corners and you’ll have it soon. It is SO musical, both direct and subtle, depending on the song and I know you’re going to be in love with it! If you’ve not yet preordered, then Vinyl, CD, Poster, T-Shirt, Artwork Proof and Test Pressings are all available for preorder here:



Decorations and trees are going up, for those who celebrate Christmas, on the streets there is an abundance of glittering lights! I love Christmas lights! I love fireworks too… Some things never change, I’ve always been delighted by the twinkling magic of nighttime lights and fireworks bursting in the sky… I hope you’ve got a few days respite from your daily routines and a plan to be with people you care about and who care about you, or… if you’re happy being alone and just need some space!! I get that too! I’ll write again in a few weeks time to say “Merry Christmas” but for now, I remind you I’ve got some seriously good quality picture discs in stock: RACINE 2 and Splatter Pattern vinyl for I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS reissue, I’ve got test pressings, rare and collectable, some original Transvision Vamp vinyl I can sign to you (or whomever) and really great merch: from the classic t-shirts: Kurt, Icon, Face, Tatler, to my luxurious hoodies, the ‘1989’ world tour hoodie and the ‘Revolution Baby’ image hoodie, both 4ply organic thick fleecy hoodies! From super cool stickers and patches to a preorder of an artwork proof and of course, my many albums on cd and vinyl… many, many presents for anyone who loves music, art and clothes!!

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Here’s a promo clip of the picture disc ‘RACINE 2’ vinyl!


I send tons of love, as always, infinite thanks! And see you soon

Wendy xoxo