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The Wendy James Album 10 VIP Studio Visit *Dates to be announced 


The Wendy James Album 10 VIP Studio Visit

Visit the recording studio while Wendy and her band make The Wendy James Album 10!

If you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the actual way Wendy records her music, to see it, to hear it happening in real time, then this is your chance! 

This experience is usually reserved only for the people working on the music but Wendy has decided to open this private world up to a few people so they may also share in the excitement Wendy and her band feel as they record and also witness the extreme amount of hard work that goes into recording an album. 

A Very Special Opportunity!

*Studio and Date to be announced

We’ve all constantly been overjoyed and amazed each time Wendy makes an album, it defies categorization and expectation and is embraced fully.  

ALBUM 10 will be no exception!

Pre-order your copy of The Wendy James Album 10 VIP studio visit today!

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