The Wendy James

An update for the next recording sessions!

Hello! Love to you all, I hope all is well!

– An update for the next recording sessions!

– This time last week I was walking alongside the Hudson from Battery Park to W.14th Street, glorious it was too….

During my NYC time I recorded all the keyboards with Dave ‘Moose’ Sherman for my 10th Album ‘THE SHAPE OF HISTORY’. Wonderful work!

Now I’m headed to LDN Shepherds Bush to finish editing the lead guitar and now, all the keyboard parts. A two week stretch! You can get your VIP pass to see/hear the action from my webstore:


I’m at the stage where anyone VIP’ing will hear, more of less, the entire album! It is without a doubt my most advanced record of my life, with songs and production so perfect they defy belief!!! I couldn’t be more happy or more inspired. 

After this November editing stage, strings will happen in LA, USA and then backing vocals/percussion/additional overdubs in London…… dates to be announced.

Then…………………. it’s done

Then………………….it’s mix time…..


So come to the VIP it’s a pleasure for me to meet you and spend time with you! 


– and preorder ‘THE SHAPE OF HISTORY’ every preorder goes toward week one chart position…


My last two albums charted at 14 and 16 respectively…. would be lovely to break the top 10……….

I Love You!!

Thank you!!

Wendy xoxo