The Wendy James

Here it is! The Wendy James New Album 2017 Pledge Campaign!


I’m half way through writing my next LP and this time, unlike ’The Price Of The Ticket’ where the record was already finished, this time my pledge campaign will take part in all the stages of making this record: From the writing, to the recording, to the mixing, to the mastering to the artwork and videos and finally a finished album! I will announce the title, the track listing, the band members and other all-important details! Along the way there will be the opportunity for studio visits, playback listening parties, live shows playing the new material, test pressings, original artwork, q&a live broadcasts and a certificate of contributors for those who would like their name included in the credits! The album is going come out on Regular CD, Deluxe CD with outtakes and bonus tracks, a Double Gatefold Vinyl containing all tracks and of course a Digital Download and I am certain there will be additional things I haven’t even anticipated yet! So… there is a lot of work to do! but it is all possible!

All the items that were still available from ‘The Price Of The Ticket’ campaign have moved onto this site, including the Picture Disc Vinyl individually numbered and signed within the vinyl itself. ‘The Price Of The Ticket’ continues to grow in reputation and I think there are even a few copies of my previous album ‘I Came Here To Blow Minds’ on CD and Vinyl too!

There is a lot here! So!

– As it has been said:

“Danceable art punk rhythm and blues, full of breathless New Wave rush. Razor sharp lyrics. Bare soul with beautiful harmony. An adrenaline fueled sound reminiscent of the Velvets or even a young Bobby D. The perfect cocktail of dirty blues and punk attitude. Sweet soul, arousing the lowdown groove that sparks the impressive and sensual sensation of Wendy James. Riffing garage pop/rock sliding. Seductive New Wave serenading. Quality boom and bap. Essential underground for your ears. Wendy James is for dancing like a jive-assed motherfucker. Every Song Is Dope”

“This is where it Counts. More Rock ‘N’ Roll, not one ounce of Fat or Bullshit on It!”

Thank you! and Much Love, Wendy