The Wendy James

THE WENDY JAMES News Letter No.15

Hi Everyone 

How are you all in this strange time?

I hope safe and healthy!

Everything’s fine with me, as you know I managed to delay THE WENDY JAMES BAND May tour until September, which I hope proves to be an accurate guestimate as to when we might all be back to some kind of sociability! 

All the tickets you bought remain valid and the ticket links for purchase and the new dates are on https://thewendyjames.com/live and also the VIP passes which  are available to each of the 19 shows! 

I look forward to seeing you all in September!! 

Buy VIP pass here: https://thewendyjames.com/product/v-i-p-the-wendy-james-gig-pass/

Also, I often find myself having to watch YouTube tutorials to learn something new for instagram or whatever and so it gave me the idea to film myself giving a tutorial of how to use my website to purchase Queen High Straight (or any Wendy item in the store). It took me ages to do! And I end up talking about some of the details of the recording process too… so enjoy the tutorial!!


QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT is nearly released!! 

It is out on May 1 and shipping to you to arrive on May 1 (postage prevailing). 

I thought I’d preview a song from the album, which none of you have heard, to pique your interest, called LITTLE MELVIN.

It is track 5 from the 20 songs on the album and this one shows a real lean into a Motown sound and feel. I worked hard on the backing vocals and I really enjoy singing along to them as well as the lead vocal! Great musicianship, of course, by James Sclavunos on drums and percussion, Harry Bohay on bass, James Sedwards on guitar and the horn section comprised of Terry Edwards and Alex Ward. I love this song and I think you’re going to say “Wow” and play it on repeat! 

Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-wendy-james/5-little-melvin-1

Listen on Website iPlayer: https://thewendyjames.com/queen-high-straight/

And finally!

Masses of covers Queen High Straight vinyl, deluxe cd and cd all arrived at my place a few days ago for me to sign, which took 3 days, so my signature might be a bit off!! (Ha ha) but anyway they are all signed and have been shipped back to the pressing plant to be assembled with the music and then sent out to USA and EU and UK to be distributed to you all around the world.

Yes….. it’s happening! 

Here are two funny pictures of the driver who came to pick them all up…


Buy QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT here: https://thewendyjames.com/store

It is the best album of my life!

And enjoy LITTLE MELVIN alongside PERILOUS BEAUTY and CHICKEN STREET… it’s going to be good! 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-wendy-james

Website iPlayer: https://thewendyjames.com/queen-high-straight/

I send my love to you all, 

Wendy xoxo