The Wendy James


It is official! My 10th album ‘THE SHAPE OF HISTORY’ is finished in the recording process. What started last May 2023 and has involved about 16 weeks of recording, in 2 week increments, has now completed.

You can scroll back through my feed and see the day I caught the bus along Marylebone Road to Scrubs Lane for the first day of live recording.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by JAMES SCLAVUNOS on drums and percussion, ALEX WARD on lead, rhythm guitar and keyboards of all sorts, HARRY BOHAY on bass, DAVE SHERMAN on piano and keyboards, with guitar overdubs from LOUIS ELIOT.

Engineers Tomas Gagliardo, Al Lawson and Ben Rice. Al Lawson being the main recording engineer, on whom I relied so intensely.

I thank you all for your incredible talent and undoubtable friendship. The album wouldn’t have turned out so well as it has, were it not for you all.

I thank all the wonderful VIP guests who visited the recording process and in turn helped the recording process, it was a pleasure to meet each of you!

I thank every single pre-order and purchase from my store https://thewendyames.com/store.
I pay my own way, what I earn, I spend on the next record. I couldn’t do it without you and I thank you so much and encourage you to buy more!!!


I will be sorting out who the mix engineer is going to be over the next week or 2 and when the mix will happen.

Then Master!

Then Manufacture!

Then Release!

But, for today: I’ve listened to the reference mixes I walked out of the studio with at 9pm on Saturday night and they are GREAT. I am excited and confident.

So, Thank you all…..

With love
Wendy xoxo

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