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Wendy James ‘The Shape Of History’ Deluxe 10” Vinyl Test Pressing *Signed & Personalized


Wendy James ‘The Shape Of History’ Deluxe 10” Vinyl Test Pressing

The vinyl is now in production for test pressings!

With audio quality top of mind we are splitting the album into 2 vinyls! 9 songs on the 12″ and the remaining 4 songs on 10″. The 10″ vinyl is packaged inside the 12″ sleeve! This way you get the deepest grooves, the best sound!

10” SIDE A

10. Freedomsville (05:47)

11. Step Aside Roadkill (04:36)

10” SIDE B

12. Thank You For The Time We Shared (02:23)

13. The Shape Of History (04:31)

Written and Produced and Mixed by Wendy James

Recording Engineer – Tomas Gagliardo assisted by Rosendo Zinny at LeMob Studios, West London, UK, Al Lawson at Mix Studios, West London, UK, Ben Rice at Degraw Sound, Brooklyn NY, USA

Mix Engineer: Jesse Nichols at Atomic Garden West Recording Studio, Oakland, CA. USA

Mastering Engineer: Frederic Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering Inc. Brooklyn, NY, USA

Lead & Backing Vocals – Wendy James

Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Keys, Clarinet – Alex Ward

Additional Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Louis Eliot

Piano, Organs, Keys – Dave ‘The Moose’ Sherman

Bass – Harry Bohay

Drums & Percussion – James Sclavunos

All songs written and composed by Wendy James. Released by The Wendy James Label.

Pre-order your copy of Wendy James Album 10 ‘The Shape Of History’ Deluxe 12” Vinyl today!

This 10″ Test Pressing should accompany the 12″ Test Pressing to complete all 13 songs on ‘The Shape Of History’

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