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The Wendy James Patch & Stickers Set

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The Patch

The Wendy Fucking James patch is amazing and so cool!

The measurements are: width 63mm, height: 44.9mm.
It has four vibrant thread colours of embroidery, a white fibre backing and the border is laser cut.

The Stickers

A set of brilliantly designed stickers, comprises both the white text and the black text “IT’S ALL IN THE HIPS THE LIPS THE EYES & THE THIGHS” on a perfect pink background. The lyric is from Track 2 ‘Perilous Beauty’ of Wendy’s 20 Track Deluxe Album QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT. The image is a silhouette of Wendy from the Queen High Straight art. The stickers come printed on easy to peel high quality matte paper and measure 10cm in diameter.

For the month of December a set of patch and stickers will be a free giveaway per any store checkout *apart from Digital Downloads, VIP passes and THE WENDY JAMES ALBUM 10 pre-orders. 

Alternatively you can buy a set by itself or as an add-on.

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