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(UK CHART) WE MADE NO.13 IN THE INDIE ALBUM CHART! AND NO.15 IN THE VINYL ALBUM CHART! “THE PRICE OF THE TICKET” Starring Wendy James, Lenny Kaye, James Williamson, Glen Matlock, Steve Mackay & the magnificent James Sclavunos!  Much in part thanks to everyone who made a Pledge Purchase!  Thanks to Pledge Music!  Thanks to Proper and Cobraside Distribution!  Thanks to Rough Trade and HMV and all Indie Record Stores who made the LP available!  Thanks to the Engineers! The Recording Studios! And…. Thanks to my personal friends without whom, at different stages, this thing might have stalled!  Thank you EVERYONE WHO IS BUYING IT!! (more! more! more!)  Onwards!!!! Love to ALL! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW