The Wendy James


So! I hope your summers are just the way you want them? Not boiling hot and scorching in wild fires, 5am racing for sun beds in resorts! Getting washed away in rainstorms, fit to scream at the television or feeling the weight of the day to day cost of living! Arghhhh…… I hope you’re all doing well!

I am one week home from the previous recording session where I sang all my lead vocals for Album 10 ‘The Shape Of History’. The songs sound wonderful already, with the drums, bass, rhythm guitar and lead vocal, plus a few bits of piano and organ.

Here are the last two chorus’s of the final and title song THE SHAPE OF HISTORY

Next I move onto lead guitar with Louis Eliot (Grace Jones), then Piano/Keys with Dave Moose Sherman (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) and strings with Adam Peters (TVV remixer and Oscar Winner for documentary composition).

After that: Percussion, Backing Vocals, any other instruments…..

The rest of 2023 will be spent on recording, hopefully to Mix in early 2024 and release my 10th album mid-year, with gigs to follow!

If you want to come on a VIP to the studio, something that has proven most enjoyable and surprising for everyone so far, then get a pass here:


The next dates are September 5, 7, 8, 9 maybe 10 and 11 in West London.

All of my time is now full concentration of the best decisions for production of ‘The Shape Of History’, it is my determination that this will be the best album of my life. Please do preorder the deluxe vinyl or deluxe cd. I would love to go straight into the charts and preorders count toward that so here are the links:



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There are the splatter pattern vinyls for I Came Here To Blow Minds, the picture vinyl for RACINE 2 and the very last copies of Queen High Straight on Double Vinyl and CD with just 2 Test Pressings in the world left.

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I CAME HERE TO BLOW MINDS Special Edition Reissue Splatter Pattern Colour 12″ Vinyl

And! All the vintage box fresh Tranvision Vamp Vinyls, which I can sign and personalize to you! 


I send my love and thanks!!!!!!

Every purchase you make, not only gets you my music but also helps toward the recording costs, which are astronomical….

2024 will be a reunion for us all, with ’The Shape Of History’ in our hearts and on our turntables, CD players, streaming and GIGGING! but for now…. RECORDING RECORDING RECORDING……..

Always, thank you

Wendy xoxo